We at Saber Interactive are excited to share that 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks are joining the Saber family. This latest expansion further broadens Saber’s reach and capabilities, which already included over a dozen game studios across the Americas, Europe, and Russia. Going forward, these new acquisitions will continue to operate as subsidiaries under Saber while partnering with the Saber team on a wide range of publishing and development projects.

“Saber has long-standing work relationships with both of these studios, and these acquisitions ensure that we will continue to have the resources that we need to maintain a steady pace of organic growth in the coming years,” said Matthew Karch, CEO and co-founder of Saber Interactive. “There is no better commodity in the game industry than great talent, and these transactions are a testament to our belief in that mantra. As a gamer who came of age playing titles from legendary game labels, I am particularly excited to be acquiring 3D Realms, the original publisher of Duke Nukem, an old school legend who joined the Embracer family with our recent acquisition of Gearbox.”

Details about each acquisition:

3D Realms

Based in Aalborg, Denmark, 3D Realms is a game publisher with over 30 years of history in the industry, most notably as creators of the Duke Nukem game series. The studio has a current pipeline of six new game titles and several exciting projects in collaboration with Slipgate Ironworks. Through the deal, Saber gains an experienced publisher with an owner-led management team that will work closely with Saber moving forward on publishing projects.

Slipgate Ironworks

Based in Aalborg, Denmark, Slipgate is a game development studio with a long history of collaborating on a range of projects with publishers and IP-owners, including Embracer Group companies Saber and THQ Nordic. Recently, Slipgate has been involved in development and porting for titles like Remnant: From the Ashes, Ghostrunner and the original IP GRAVEN. As part of the acquisition, Saber adds a strong team with proven expertise in development, co-development and porting.