Will Rock

You’ve got enough weapons to level a small country, and you’ll need every last one. That’s because the mythical hordes of Lost Olympus are looking to rip you a new one. And if you survive those freaks, you’ll face the lightning-fisted wrath of Zeus himself. Gonna cry a little mortal? Or send’em all to Hades in a hand basket?

In Will Rock, the player takes on the persona of the title character Willford Rockwell, an archeology student, who is faced with the aftermath of a fanatical group called the Olympian Restoration Army (ORA), who somehow have managed to bring back to life a host of mythological creatures from Ancient Greece including Zeus, king of the Gods, who has abducted Will’s girlfriend Emma. Will is recruited by Prometheus, the Greek Titan of fire and craft, to destroy Zeus and his minions and rescue his girlfriend.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Players: 1-4 player story mode. Multiplayer Modes
Platform: PC
Published on: June 9, 2003
Genre: 1st Person Shooter