Halo Online


Saber Interactive is proud to partner with Microsoft and 343 Industries to develop the future of the critically and popularly acclaimed Halo franchise.


In a secret UNSC training facility on a space station called Anvil, the next generation of Spartans prepares for a new breed of warfare. Exclusive to PC, Halo Online is a free-to-play first-person shooter that captures the series’ fiercely intense competitive multiplayer. True to its roots, Halo Online features a huge variety of game modes supporting anywhere from 4-16 players at a time, as well as deep progression and customization systems.


For more information check out Halo Waypoint’s update.


Publisher: Microsoft Studios, 343 Industries
Players: To be announced
Platform: PC
Genre: Free To Play 1st Person Shooter


• Stunning artwork
• Beautifully rendered environments and immersive battleground experiences, all created by the team at Saber Interactive.
• Experience the legacy of Master Chief in glorious full HD with next-gen graphics and sound.