Era Combat

Join it up, soldiers!
It’s your time to join the combat and fight shoulder to shoulder with the best players from all over the world. Arm to the teeth and let the game to immerse you into the savage atmosphere of team deathmatches. Choose from lots of unique sci-fi weapons, abilities, implants and jetpacks we prepared for you. Pick your favorite type of PvP mission and do your best to dominate.
ERA Combat is perfectly designed for fans of high-paced 3D shooters in small teams where the cost of any mistake is deadly high. Survive till the end – become the winner who takes it all!
Less talk, more features:
• Team deathmatch 3 vs 3
• High paced PvP battles
• Breathtaking jetpack flights
• Convenient auto aiming
• Savage sci-fi setting
• Challenging level layout
• Regular in-game events
• Intuitive controls and perfect optimization

Saber Interactive Mobile LTD
Single player, Multiplayer mode
Platforms: Android
Genre: Action
Published: 2019