15 Mar 2021 Josh Austin joins Embracer Group as new Head of Licensing & Consumer Products

Based in the U.S., the emphasis of Josh’s efforts will be on IP licensing and merchandising for Koch Media and Saber Interactive, connecting game studios to new franchise opportunities while further developing internal IP.

With a career spanning over 20 years in licensing and business development, Josh Austin has worked for gaming and entertainment industry icons like Capcom, Sega of America, Paramount, and the original THQ on blockbuster IP like Darksiders, Saints Row, and more. As Head of Licensing & Consumer Products, Austin will primarily be responsible for IP licensing and merchandising for Koch Media and Saber Interactive, with the added flexibility to provide assistance across Embracer’s wide range of operating groups where needed.

“Embracer has been steadily bringing together an incredible array of talented, multinational studios with amazing IP for several years now. I’m thrilled to once again work with some of the same renowned franchises I started my career with, helping the teams behind them reach even greater heights,“ says Austin.

Austin’s new cross-company role is exceptional given Embracer’s traditionally decentralized, studio-led approach to operations. Internally, he will collaborate with the dozens of developers within Embracer, helping them identify and secure new projects featuring legendary IP from partners all over the world. He will also work to extend Embracer’s own IP catalogue of over 200 franchises to new avenues outside gaming, including consumer products, merchandise, and other areas of entertainment.

“The possibilities for gaming IP are greater than ever before, with unprecedented ability to directly reach and cater to specific audiences. Josh has made a career opening doors and building up best-selling properties across entertainment. We’re proud to have him as a central resource for all of Embracer’s teams.“ says Matthew Karch, President of Saber Interactive and Embracer Group Board Member.

Companies interested in learning more about licensing opportunities with Embracer Group may direct inquiries to: licensing(at)embracer.com