18 Nov 2020 Growth and Expansion at Saber Interactive by Tim Willits, CCO

It has been a very exciting year for Saber Interactive, and that continues today with the announcement of five new development studios joining our family: Snapshot Games, Zen Studios, Mad Head Games, Nimble Giant Entertainment, and 34BigThings.

So, what does this mean for Saber Interactive and our fans? More great games!

Since becoming part of the Embracer Group this year, we have begun a strategic expansion of our entire business portfolio, from the earlier acquisitions of 4A Games and New World Interactive, to the new studios joining us today. As part of Saber Interactive, each of these studios brings something unique and special to our growing family. They couldn’t be more different, whether we’re talking about Zen Studios’ digital pinball wizardry or Snapshot’s specialty in deep AAA strategy games like Phoenix Point. Nimble Giant Entertainment brings fresh inventiveness – I highly recommend you check out their time-warping hit Quantum League! 34BigThings created the wildly original Redout franchise, and I’m thrilled about the new stuff they have cooking. Mad Head Games has been established in the casual space for a long time but is now expanding into new realms. I couldn’t be more excited to bring these teams in as we grow both our internal game development as well as our independent publishing business.

As each of these teams is brought into the family, they will continue to operate as separate studios with their own production style, culture, and game personalities. These teams have already created the formula for their success, and as part of Saber, we will continue to support their individualism and give them resources and opportunities to grow – keeping what makes each of these studios unique is a crucial part of our growing business. To help us manage these new studios along with our existing teams, we are proud to announce the addition of Brad Doan as Head of Global Production for Saber. Brad has had a distinguished career working with THQ, EA, and most recently as the CEO of Sperasoft.

Along with our growing development initiatives, Saber Interactive is also growing and expanding our publishing efforts led by our new hire Todd Hollenshead, former CEO of id Software. Todd will be managing our publishing efforts as we continue to add both internal titles and 3rd-party games to our publishing slate. In addition, we’ve also acquired one company that actually doesn’t make games: PR and influencer agency Sandbox Strategies. They’ve been a partner of Saber for many years and helped us get where we are today. They’ll remain a standalone company but will support Saber more extensively and be a resource for all developers and publishers throughout Embracer Group.

I am personally very excited about what we are doing here at Saber. With the addition of the new teams and the expansion of our publishing efforts, I believe the future for Saber is very bright. We have a lot of exciting games in development now and we look forward to sharing more news and information with you soon.

Thank you,
Tim Willits
Saber Interactive, Chief Creative Officer.