Company Overview


Behind everything we do at Saber Interactive is the passionate pursuit to define what comes next. We strive to produce groundbreaking gaming experiences of the highest quality to rival the absolute best in the industry. At Saber, we pride ourselves on our ability to constantly adapt to new platforms, technologies, game genres and business models. No matter what the project, we bring AAA skillsets and uncompromising inventiveness to everything we put our name on.
Since our founding in 2001, Saber has grown into one of the largest and longest-standing developers of interactive games in Russia and Eastern Europe and one of the few remaining independent game studios consistently producing and publishing industry-leading content. In 2020 we’ve found the perfect partner in Embracer Group, thrilled to see through the many projects we’ve dreamed of together.
Saber Interactive is a part of the Embracer Group AB, based in Karlstad, Sweden, for more information, please visit